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Topiary in animal shapes are spectacular when they are fully filled with moss or fully covered with a small leaf ivy, boxes, and yews.

For medium and large topiary, you may need up to four ivies. Start growing the ivy from the legs and train it through the body day by day until the topiary is fully covered. Trim the ivy if it becomes too crowded.

For small topiary, you may need just one ivy. If your ivy is fully grown, it may be enough to cover the whole body of the topiary, giving a spectacular effect instantly. For very small Topiary, filling with moss is very easy and effective.


Topiary Peacock
Large Peacock


Topiary Cockerel
Medium Cockerel

Topiary Giraffe
Large Giraffe



Dimension (cms)


Small & Very Small Squirrel

Topiary Deer
Large Deer

Topiary Squirrel
Large Squirrel

Very Large Dog Sitting

Large Bear



Rabbit Topiary

v.s. 15 22


small 20 30
  large 30 45
Squirrel Topiary v.s. 15 22
  small 20 30
  large 30 45
Cockerel Topiary v.s. 20 18
  medium 50 52
  XL 95 87
Deer Topiary v.s. 15 18
  large 90 67.5
Dog Running small 20 40
Topiary large 45 50
Dog Sitting v.s. 15 15
Topiary small 27 30
  XL 60 45
Peacock Topiary v.s. 30 15
  small 40 25
  XL 95 65
Pig Topiary v.s. 15 20
  small 30 30
  large 42 50
Giraffe Topiary large 77 55
Bear Topiary v.s. 22 18
  large 50 38
Sheep Topiary medium 37 45
Turtle Topiary small 15 30
  Large 18 38

Topiary Running Dog
Large Dog Running

Very small & Large Pigs


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