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Christmas Tree Candle Lantern
Christmas Tree Lantern


These attractive candle lanterns are handmade. They are made of iron with rust resistant paint. All have a window which can be opened at the back to place a night light candle on a tray within.


Candle can be placed inside

The lanterns are suitable for indoor, and can also be used outdoor when you are having a barbecue for example. They are not suitable to be left outside all the time, unless they are under a cover.


Window with a lock


Christmas Tree Candle Lantern
Christmas Tree Lantern

Reindeer Candle Lantern
Reindeer Lantern

Santa Claus Candle Lantern
Santa Claus Lantern

Butterfly Candle Lantern
Butterfly Lantern

Standing Cat Candle Lantern
Cat Standing Lantern

Sitting Cat Candle Lantern
Cat Sitting Lantern


Cockerel Candle Lantern
Cockerel Lantern

Curled Crocodile Candle Lantern
Crocodile (curled) Lantern

Straight Crocodile Candle Lantern
Crocodile (straight) Lantern

Dog Candle Lantern
Dog Standing Lantern

Moongazing Dog Candle Lantern
Dog Moongazing Lantern

Dragon Candle Lantern
Dragon Lantern





Overall Dimension

Dimension : L=Lenght, D=Depth, H=Height

L x D x H (cms)

 Christmas tree - large (gold green) 28 x 11 x 40
 Reindeer (brown) 20 x 8 x 36
 Santa Claus 22 x 6 x 35
 Butterfly Double Candles (gold green) 68 x 9 x 40
 Cat standing small (gold green) 18 x 7 x 23
 Cat standing Large (gold green) 23 x 8 x 29
 Cat sitting (ginger) 21 x 7 x 27
 Cockerel forward (grey or brown) 31 x 10 x 30
 Cockerel backward (grey or brown) 28 x 5 x 17
 Crab (dark blue) 47 x 6 x 34
 Crocodile Straight (dark green or brown) 27 x 10 x 55
 Crocodile Curled ( dark green or brown ) 35 x 6 x 60
 Dog standing (brown or blue) 30 x 11 x 25
 Dog Moon Gazing  
 Dragon small (brown or green) 40 x 10 x 47
 Dragon large (brown) 70 x 8 x 46
 Fish upright (gold green) 40 x 18 x 37
 Fish tropical (gold green) 36 x 30 x 43
 Frog jumping small (brown, gold green)  
 Frog jumping large (gold green) 30 x 28 x 22
 Frog hanging (gold green) 34 x 8 x 30
 Frog on stem (gold green or dark blue) 34 x 8 x 36
 Gecko small (gold green) 27 x 6 x 39
 Gecko large (gold green) 32 x 7 x 42
 Haunted House 24 x 11 x 35
 Lizard (gold green or brown) 33 x 6 x 60
 Lobster (dark blue or brown) 45 x 34 x 8
 Mouse on cheese (dark green) 32 x 25 x 13
 Owl (brown) 17 x 9 x 24
 Pig (gold green or brown) 32 x 6 x 20
 Piranha on stem (dark green) 33 x 10 x 43
 Pagoda Lantern (brown) 18 x 18 x 25
 Rabbit (brown or gold green) 19 x 7 x 42
 Teddy Bear (brown) 25 x 6 x 26

Dimensions are approximate. All lanterns are handmade; hence, sizes may slightly vary






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