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Traditional, contemporary, & bespoke garden furniture by Andrew Crace. Made in England




Truly permanent plant labels that will outlast plastic labels for decades.
Aluminium, Copper, Teak & Bamboo Labels

Teak Plant Labels

Aluminium Plant Labels



Over 200 solid bronze animals, birds, fishes, reptiles, classical figures, mythical & oriental, pots & planters.

Bronze Mice

Bronze Buddha

Bronze Chickens

Bronze Frog



Bamboo Cloches

Unusual and functional garden gifts for kitchen gardens, walled garden, gardens large and small.
A "must have" attractive cloche for the gardener wanting to protect plants without making the borders unsightly.
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Candle Lanterns

These attractive candle lanterns are handmade. All have a window which can be opened at the back to place a night light candle on a tray within. Cockerel, Deer, Cat, Frog, Lizard, Pig, Owl, Fish, Dog, etc.
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Wooden Doorstops

Handmade wooden doorstops. Available in 5 designs : Cat, Owl, Bear, Chicken, and Hippo.
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Keyrings (Keyfobs)

practical small extra garden gifts for almost all doors and gates. 90+ locations are available.
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Hanging Wooden Signs

"Gardener at work", "Je suis dans la Jardin", "Welcome to my Garden", useful small extra garden gifts for the gardeners, plus over 50 different signs for almost everyone!. Some are double sided signs with contrasting messages. 75+ messages available.
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Garden Friends

Garden gift idea for animal lovers, the chicken fancier wanting a tidy garden, and runner ducks and geese without the mess. Cats walking and sitting, owls, blackbirds, rabbits, squirrels, chickens, hens, cockerels, hare, fox, kingfisher and pheasants.
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Teak Orchid Baskets / Hanging Baskets

Originally used as Orchid Baskets, these attractive teak baskets can also be used as hanging baskets. Teak is a durable timber, and will weather to a lovely silver grey colour over time.
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Stone Labels - Herb, Office & Sentiment

Name your herbs with these beautiful black or white natural stone markers, also available to remember where seeds and bulbs are. The memory stones can be used at many locations in the garden or on your desk on top of your bills. more stone labels


Stone Balls / Granite Balls

Garden gift idea for small gardens as well as parks & estate gardens. 9 Sizes more details


Stone Aquariums & Baths

Made from natural volcanic boulder stone.
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Stone Lanterns

Garden gift idea for small gardens as well as parks & estate gardens. more details


Stone Pots & Bowls

Made from natural volcanic boulder stone. Available in sand or grey colour. more details

Boulder Stone Pots  

Lime Stone Toadstools

Stone Toadstools are made from natural limestone, and each piece is individually crafted by hand. Stone Toadstools are frost resistant and can be left outside all year round. They will weather over time.
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Limestone Toadstools - striaght   Stone Toadstools - bending

Stone Seat

Made from natural volcanic boulder stone.
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garden topiary frames in animal shapes, ideal for training your plants for the garden but also beautiful as a sculpture in the own right for the house or conservatory.
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  Topiary Cockerel
Garden Umbrellas
These waterproof Oriental Umbrellas are made from cotton with oil based painted.
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Oriental Umbrellas Garden Umbrellas Garden Cotton Umbrellas
Bamboo & Aluminium Windchimes with many beautiful sails (the bottom bits).....coming soon
Bamboo & Aluminium Windchimes
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